Grant Program

Who May Apply? Any Beech Grove City Schools teacher, group of teachers, school personnel, administrators, students, parent groups or school/community council.

See Spring 2016 Grant Winners
Classroom Grant: A  classroom or organizational project with a budget up to $500.  The  Project should fill a need for which no other funding is available.
School Grant: A department, grade level, whole school or multi-school project with a budget up to $2000.  Applicants should demonstrate a collaborative planning process and explain how the program will be managed cooperatively.  One person should be designated as the project leader.
Focus Grant: A grade level, whole school or multi-school project that cannot be completed in one school year but takes no more than three school years. Applicants should demonstrate a collaborative planning process and explain how the program will be managed. The Principal and Director of Curriculum must approve the project.  Budget per year:  $2000 to $5000.
How To Apply: Application proccess will open again next spring. Check back in April 2017 for the application.
Please Note: Hand written applications will not be accepted.  Proposals are to be completed in the format that is provided. Feel free to use additional pages, if necessary.
Notification: Recipients will be notified via email.  Grants are to be used for the following school year.  If the project is for a summer program, funding can be provided by request.
Guidelines Projects should not be eligible for funding through regular school budget channels.

In the event a grant recipient is unable to conduct the program as submitted, the recipient should notify the Foundation immediately.  The Foundation may require a revised budget and/or may withdraw approval of the funding.

A person may submit only one proposal per grant cycle; however, a person may be included in a school grant or focus grant as a participant in projects involving multiple teachers.

Total number of students impacted will be given consideration.

Please remember that the review panel consists of those who are not from the academic or teaching profession.  Refrain from use of jargon. Write your proposal as though you are speaking to someone who knows nothing about the project that you are requesting to be funded.

If the project could be potentially funded through the Foundation’s Donor’s Choose program, it is advised that that funding source be pursued first and that it be noted in the proposal that the request can not be filled through Donors  For more information, go to  and click on the link to DonorsChoose.

Projects will be funded for a maximum of three consecutive years.

All grant recipients will be required to submit a final report summarizing the outcomes of the program within 30 days following completion of the project.

Anyone who has not submitted the final reports for a previous grant will not be eligible for an upcoming grant cycle.

NOTE: The Board will send all grant proposals that involve a curriculum program/project to Dr. Hammack for approval before the the Board and grant reviewers meet to approve grant applications.
Projects Not Available
  • limited academic value
  • requests for food.
  • resources available through the school budget
  • requests for professional development
  • field trips without an educational component
  • repairs to school facilities
  • no budget
  • requests that can be provided through
Questions? If you have questions, please feel free to contact Melody Stevens, 908-1223, or 788-4481, ext. 1061.