Please Note: These grants are only awarded to employees of Beech Grove City Schools.

"The Bumble Bee League – Home/School Connection" Erin Probus
The "Bumble-Bee League" is a kindergarten jumpstart program that will be offered to incoming kindergarten students who demonstrate the need for additional preparation to make the most of their kindergarten experience through focused procedural, behavioral, and basic academic opportunities. An important component of The Bumble-Bee League is the Home/School Connection. As part of this program, we will have weekly parent workshops focused on topics including reading basics, math fundamentals, procedural information, school tips, and “Build-A-Box Supply Shop.” Our objective is to not only increase student readiness for school, but to support families in preparing for a successful kindergarten.

"Family Fun Night!" – Stacy Johnson
Family Fun Night will be a ton of fun for the entire family! Students, parents, grandparents, younger siblings, and community members will all be invited to take part in this extraordinary evening of educational learning. Family Fun Night will help parents and their students understand how fun learning can be by participating in a large array of activities set up throughout the halls and classrooms of South Grove. The teachers at South Grove will collaborate together to develop engaging and captivating games and hands-on activities that will boost learning and accommodate various learning capacities. South Grove teachers will also encourage parents and guardians to try our entertaining and gratifying activities at home with their child to continue the path of learning from school to home.

"How Do Plants Grow?" – Megan Mazur/Theresa Bennett
Each class will study how plants and flowers grow and every student will have the opportunity to plant a seed and grow his/her plant in the classroom. After studying plants, we will take a field trip to Garfield Park Conservatory. At the conservatory, we will learn about Indiana plants as well as rainforest plants. A Naturalist from the park department will guide the students through the conservatory and give a complete program about plants. To complete the unit, we will plant flowers outside of Hornet Park Elementary School.

"Junior Achievement Biz Town" – Paige Anderson/Tonya Reid
Fifth grade students are not old enough to drive, work, vote, manage businesses, write checks, or manage their finances, however it is important that they begin to understand financial literacy skills, processes, and decisions that will affect their future. The Junior Achievement Biz Town program combines a business type curriculum for in-class learning for the fifth grade classrooms with a culminating activity of a visit to a fully interactive simulated town. This day long learning event connects classroom learning and real world application.

"Making Music with Xylophones" – Natalie Etter
This project is designed to give students the chance to explore music performance at an early age through playing mallet instruments (xylophones). Students will learn how to be part of a playing ensemble using these instruments during in class units and public performances. Our current inventory has us at a 1 to 3 instrument to student ratio. My goal is to improve that to a 1 to 2 student ratio, so that all students have a chance to use an instrument that is developmentally appropriate for their age. This will also allow collaboration and teamwork lessons to be taught, which are integral to any student’s future in any subject area.

"Middle School CPR" – Kelley Newman
The purpose of this grant is to provide all BGMS 8th grader students and ALL BGCS staff members an opportunity to get CPR / AED certified using updated equipment; equipment that is designed with enhanced technology; technology that provides instantaneous feedback to the user. This feedback includes the use of green and red lights located on the mannequins to inform the user if the depth of their chest compression is correct and if the speed of the compressions is correct. Updated AED machines would also include the latest technology being used by hospitals across the country, thus providing our students and staff the best equipment to be the best they can be in the time of need. Properly trained CPR/AED community members (students and staff) is the best weapon in preventing sudden cardiac arrest death.

"Mystery Science'" – Angie Johnson
The goal of this project is to provide students hands on, inquiry-based experiences with science concepts. Mystery Science will allow teachers to provide multiple hands-on experiences for their students. The program benefits students by encouraging them to think like scientists by beginning each mystery with a question. Students are then led through a video-based exploration of a topic, which allows them to learn about a topic while being encouraged to think critically and ask questions. The skills Mystery Science develops will benefit students as they dive into more complicated science topics or develop their own investigations. 

"PAwS Strategy – Phonemic Awareness Success" – Tierney Stevenson
Hornet Park Elementary School has noticed that more and more of our primary students are being considered for Title One services and/or extra remediation. It is a growing concern that more of our students are not coming to school prepared for beginning reading instruction. The challenges of getting students ready for successfully learning the early reading skills are increasing, despite the fact that we have an excellent skill-based reading curriculum. Based on Hornet Park student data (DIBELS, STAR Early Learning Test, and NWEA), we have found that our students need more explicit phonemic awareness instruction and this program seems to be the missing component. This grant will provide a strategy book for each teacher in our school so that our students can build a solid phonemic awareness foundation starting at the very beginning of the school year. The “Phonemic Awareness: The Skills That They Need to Help Them Succeed” book is completely scripted and ready for immediate use.

"PBIS Rewards" – Jennifer Doty & Rob Adamson
The goal of this project is to improve student behavior across all school settings. Research has shown a strong correlation between student behavior and academic success. We believe that this software package will make a positive impact on student behavior, which will lead to less time with students out of the classroom for disciplinary reasons and more instructional time. The software, paired with traditional coaching, and observations will make it much easier to target ways to coach teachers to better manage student behavior. PBIS Rewards will also make it easier to coach students on appropriate behavior in all school settings. PBIS Rewards will give us more information on exactly where students are struggling to meet expectations, which will provide us with insights on how to coach students to make better decisions in those specific settings.  

"'Pilot Of Lexia Core5 at Hornet Park" – Lindsey Osborne
Lexia Core5 is a personalized learning subscription that focuses on the 5 components of reading (phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension). The subscription is accessible through an iPad app. I would like to use my class and “pilot class” for this project for Hornet Park. The vast majority of Hornet Park kindergarteners come into Hornet Park below grade levelLexia Core5 is a specialized program that provides specific and individualized game like learning opportunities that would help bridge the gap of our below level hornets with their on level peers.

“Stepping into a New Language” – Ana Copenhaver

The project “Stepping into a New Language” will use an “Essential Skills” software which is designed to effectively supplement English Language learning. This program was created by certified English Language Teachers and reading specialists with the intention to effectively close the achievement gap. The Program will be used to help students develop vocabulary, reading, and language concepts. The program offers auditory, visual and tactile activities that meet students’ learning styles. The readings used focus on daily experiences with real life applications. Students will work independently in activities tailored to meet their specific learning needs, but the best part is that students select activities which motivates them to learn and make personal connections with the new language. The program records students’ individual progress, gives them immediate feedback with positive reinforcement, and the ELL teacher can print reports of students’ skills mastery to share with general classroom teachers and parents. This is crucial for planning and students’ mastery progress monitoring.